My eyes have led me down a path I never thought I would take. Although holding on to memories has always been important to me, I haven’t dreamed of being a photographer my whole life. I have, however, dreamed of keeping my kids small and my vacations alive. I have wished to stop time, to hold on to the moment, to bottle up my kids cute faces or the silly things they wear. To some extent, photography allows me to do just that. It has opened my eyes to a previously undiscovered world. It has allowed me to see the world around me with a deeper appreciation. I am constantly aware of the extraordinary among the ordinary and the beauty in the mundane. I don't see pictures. I see stories ... with both my eyes and my heart. I am a wordless storyteller. Thanks for joining me here.

Matt + Liz {engagement}

Sometimes when you meet someone, you immediately know they are special...extraordinary.

I remember when I first met Liz. We were in a parking lot and it was a very short introduction. I knew Matt had a new girlfriend and saw them walking together and I had to run over and say "Hi." That was all it took - that one introduction - for me to know she was a special young lady.

We go way back with Matt and his family - a lot of history, spanning over many different aspects of our lives. I won't get into the details but ties run deep.

{Matt - we are so proud of you and the man you have become!}

As I was editing these pictures, I actually had a little flashback of him in first grade. I was subbing in his classroom - and his class was 2/3 boys. If I remember correctly, Matt had no shortage of energy. None. We have watched Matt grow up. My husband coached Matt. We are cheering him on in his first teaching job this year. That night that I met Liz, when I climbed back into our car I told Kevin that I thought she would be the one for Matt.

After spending the evening with the two of them capturing their relationship, I still feel the same way. She has a sweet tender spirit and when you look through these images, you will be able to tell how much FUN they have together. Oh she will fit in so perfectly with their whole extended family!

I am so excited for the two of you and excited for the journey that lies ahead! I am grateful for God's faithfulness as it is continually poured out in blessings such as this ~ you two preparing to spend your lives laughing, loving and growing together as one in the Lord.

Thanks for giving me a front row seat to a new part of your lives. I will continue to pray for you, give thanks in all circumstances (as your mom has taught me) and cheer you on. 

Does location matter? Do pictures have to be stressful? [Family]

This may sound like a strange title - but it is something I have been meaning to address and the perfect session to address it with! This family lives near us and I have taken their family photos numerous times. Normally we head to a location with pretty scenery of some type....If you have had on-location photos before, I am sure you remember wondering what your "background" would be - urban, country, woodsy, fields, etc. This was somewhat impromptu. We decided to just stay in the backyard, with clothes they already had on hand. AND I LOVE THEIR PICTURES :) It doesn't have to be stressful and complicated to get your family photos taken! I don't even need a large space to be honest. So don't decide not to get your pictures taken due to the stress of it!

Besides loving these photos, I also love these people.

When they moved in on our street, their kids were my kid ages and we only had one child at that time. We carpooled and Julie showed me the ropes. Julie also suggested I try BSF. I held off for a while but eventually tried and was hooked! (Thanks!) Troy has a heart for the Lord, for people and for education. My husband is blessed to work alongside him in serving our school and community. In a job that can be thankless, please know you are appreciated. And to your girls - thanks for being such wonderful role models to our kids. Watching you girls grow is another visual for me of time flying! So glad we are catching it along the way!

Enjoy a few of your photos...