My eyes have led me down a path I never thought I would take. Although holding on to memories has always been important to me, I haven’t dreamed of being a photographer my whole life. I have, however, dreamed of keeping my kids small and my vacations alive. I have wished to stop time, to hold on to the moment, to bottle up my kids cute faces or the silly things they wear. To some extent, photography allows me to do just that. It has opened my eyes to a previously undiscovered world. It has allowed me to see the world around me with a deeper appreciation. I am constantly aware of the extraordinary among the ordinary and the beauty in the mundane. I don't see pictures. I see stories ... with both my eyes and my heart. I am a wordless storyteller. Thanks for joining me here.

Audrey [Senior]

I truly enjoy hanging out with seniors for lifestyle images. I love to see the potential and excitement in these young people. I love the freedom to explore. Audrey was a breath of fresh air - peaceful and laid back (and isn't she gorgeous too?). Have a great senior year and enjoy some of your images!

Kristin and Jason [Wedding}

The shoes.

They were her inspiration for the wedding. I can totally see why. They really are quite fabulous!
Colleen and I didn't know Jason and Kristin prior to our first meeting regarding their August wedding. We didn't know about the mint he offered her...or the piggy back ride...of even the ice skating in Millenium Park on the night they got engaged. After meeting Kristin, it was easy to see why Jason would be head over heels for her. She had an easygoing sweetness about her and a beautiful smile. After meeting Jason, it was obvious that everyone seems to like him. Maybe a little quiet at first and seemingly not a Buckeye fan, but he was so attentive to Kristin's needs and loving on a very hot, but beautiful, sunny Saturday last week.
I am so thankful for Colleen and the team that we are when we do weddings. I spent the early afternoon with the groomsmen and Jason downtown, while Colleen was able to stay with Kristin, her family and bridesmaids. This allowed us to get a lot of shots ahead of time without missing anything. (In fact, please be sure to check out Colleen's blog post as she was able to get great shots of several things including a first look of Kristin with her father!) The guys and I were at The Renaissance Hotel which was wonderful. What a fun place to shoot! 
We headed to the Church after Jason and his groomsmen were ready and watched along side Jason and Kristin's sister and maid of honor, Kathy, as Kristin and her father headed down the aisle to meet her future husband.
We headed to a park downtown to grab a few more shots before heading to The Athletic Club for the reception...and air conditioning....and bowling (check out the slideshow for pictures of that!)
After toasts and dinner, Jason and Kristin shared their first dance together.
The father-daughter dance was particularly meaningful to me. As a mom to two daughters and one son, these dances always get to me. Every parent knows that you blink and your kids are grown up...there is no way to literally bottle up time. That is one huge reason I got into photography ~ saving those memories the way that I know how. 

I digress. 

During the dad's toast and welcome earlier in the evening, he shared a story about Jason and Kristin. (Forgive me if I don't get the details exactly correct). When Kristin was in college she was a part of a group (a sorority I believe) that had a special father-daughter dance each year. Her father was looking forward to this special event that many others had told him about. The weekend prior to the dance, Kristin had called to say she had met someone (Jason) and wouldn't be able to attend the dance anymore because they would be busy. That same type of scenario happened the remaining years and they never got their father-daughter dance....until tonight. He mentioned that and it was so sweet and memorable.
The mother-son dance.
Kristin, I hope those shoes lead you and Jason to the beginning of a beautiful, lifelong marriage. Thanks for letting us be a part of your special day.

For a more comprehensive walk through the wedding day, please see the slideshow below and be sure to visit Colleen at CT PhotoMemories!

Courtney and Billy [Wedding]

She had asked her dad if he would be strong at the wedding. It would already be hard enough to make it through the day she would marry the man of her dreams. If only he could keep his tears in check, maybe that would make it a little easier on her. Personally, I had a difficult time keeping it together. This family in some ways is like family to my husband and I. I have known Courtney for some time, but what a joy it was last fall when I had the opportunity to grab coffee with the newly engaged couple and get to know Billy a little as we enjoyed a windy fall day snapping engagement shots

These two met in college.....right at the beginning. It wasn't until the second semester that they started hanging out and thought they might have something special. A trip to the mall and an hour conversation on the car ride home quickly confirmed that. Fast forward a few years later to July 28, 2012 where they promised to choose to love each other as Mr. and Mrs. for "as long as they both shall live." Billy and Courtney are so fun to be around! There is no shortage of smiles and laughter in these shots....and they are sweet too. Enjoy walking through their wedding day with these images.

Courtney's ring was modeled after the first ring Billy's dad gave his mom and it even includes some of her diamonds. It is beautiful!

Courtney wanted to get a picture of her hands with her mom's and Billy' s moms hand. What a legacy these hands hold. Her parents have been married for 28 years and his parents are going on 25. What a blessing it is to have them to look up to as Billy and Courtney start this new journey themselves.

There was no first look at this wedding. Billy was set on waiting to see his bride as she walked down the aisle. However right before the ceremony, I was checking my gear and look up to see Courtney peeking through the door. Come to find out, she and Billy are talking, eyes closed, through the door. They had each written each other something. Here Courtney is reading this very creative and meaningful journal from Billy. So sweet.....
He sang a song to his beautiful bride.

So we asked the ring bearers to give her a little kiss....one guy took that quite seriously!

Loved using the Bible as a guest book...Choose a favorite passage and sign your name by it. Very special.

Thanks to Amy Gibson for coming to shoot some of the wedding with me! Colleen couldn't shoot this wedding with me so I really appreciated her help. We have so many great images and I cant wait to share them all. Here is a slideshow that includes a few more than you already see here.