My eyes have led me down a path I never thought I would take. Although holding on to memories has always been important to me, I haven’t dreamed of being a photographer my whole life. I have, however, dreamed of keeping my kids small and my vacations alive. I have wished to stop time, to hold on to the moment, to bottle up my kids cute faces or the silly things they wear. To some extent, photography allows me to do just that. It has opened my eyes to a previously undiscovered world. It has allowed me to see the world around me with a deeper appreciation. I am constantly aware of the extraordinary among the ordinary and the beauty in the mundane. I don't see pictures. I see stories ... with both my eyes and my heart. I am a wordless storyteller. Thanks for joining me here.

Caroline + Zach [wedding]

I wrote a little bit about Caroline and Zach when I did their engagement post a little while back. They are one of those couples that are obviously smitten with each other. Let me share with you a little bit about their wedding day. Whenever I am working a wedding, I start to watch the forecast days in advance...kind of planning and having an idea of how things will go rain or shine. Obviously the couple and the day dictate the ultimate schedule, but I like to have a rough framework in my mind. On August 2, 2014, the weather forecast was not looking good. The radar depicted buckets of rain (horizontal was the way the weatherman described it) to arrive right around 2-5 pm. This was the same time that Caroline and Zach and planned 2 hours for getting some great shots around the golf course. As I talked with both Caroline and her mother on the morning of the wedding, we discussed options and I knew they were trying to be optimistic but also were holding on to a little bit of disappointment.

As the groom and groomsmen arrived, the heavens opened up and the rain came flooding down. It started even earlier than projected. However, as the day went on, the sky cleared and opened, the temperature dropped to a very comfortable temperature. Not only did that happen, but it DID NOT RAIN ANYMORE. We were able to get outside. The ground had even dried up a little. The tent for the reception was opened. It was a gorgeous day. To me, it was a gorgeous reminder of God's love and faithfulness. Of course, he is still faithful when it rains....but what a gift He gave them to be able to go on mostly as planned. Caroline and Zach, remember God's faithfulness. Remember that even in the rain. He is with you in the rain and He will pull you through the rainy days. The sun will shine again. Here is a piece of your wedding day story told through our eyes. Thank you for inviting us to join you on there sacred day with all of your sweet family and friends. [I am beyond blessed to be able to work with one of my besties on most weddings....Colleen Torlone of CT Photo Memories...What you see here is a part of the compilation of how we, together, saw the day unfold.]

These two images were going on simultaneously....not sure if each of you knew that ;). Sweet.

At every wedding I go to, I get so emotional when the bride walks down the aisle. I cannot image the feelings a mother must have....so proud and excited, yet so bittersweet. I wonder if you almost see your girl as both the tiny flower girl and the grown up bride simultaneously.

(Love the wink ;). Thanks for catching that Colleen.)

I don't know what lies over the horizon for you. I pray your marriage starts where your wedding left out....Coming through the rain to a bright sunset....trusting God and his faithfulness...and continuing to keep your gaze on the "Son." Blessings to you!