My eyes have led me down a path I never thought I would take. Although holding on to memories has always been important to me, I haven’t dreamed of being a photographer my whole life. I have, however, dreamed of keeping my kids small and my vacations alive. I have wished to stop time, to hold on to the moment, to bottle up my kids cute faces or the silly things they wear. To some extent, photography allows me to do just that. It has opened my eyes to a previously undiscovered world. It has allowed me to see the world around me with a deeper appreciation. I am constantly aware of the extraordinary among the ordinary and the beauty in the mundane. I don't see pictures. I see stories ... with both my eyes and my heart. I am a wordless storyteller. Thanks for joining me here.

Bethany [Senior]

If you read my blog post about Sarah and Zak's wedding - you read about how much I admire and respect Sarah's family. Bethany's family is another special family that I hold in high esteem. My husband and I value them and are so grateful for their friendship over the years. What blessing it is to work for people you love!

It is such a treat to do senior pictures. Seniors tend to wear their personalities on their sleeves! Bethany was and is no exception. She is exuberant and full of joy. It was no problem trying to get her to smile or show her style. Enjoy traveling through the streets of downtown as you take a look at our session together!

If you know Bethany, the photo below needs no explanation ;)... he he

We found this absolutely adorable, inspiring, vintage, chic little shop called Collier West. If you check out their website, it says their mission is "to inspire." That is an understatement. Could you ask for a more perfect place to take photos??? Not only did the gentleman working there kindly allow us to take photos in his store, he offered to let Bethany wear some of their unique vintage jewelry!!! So fun and unexpected! 

Praying that you will have a fabulous senior year and that God will make clear the plans he has for you. [Jer, 29:11] I am sure they will be big ones ;).

* AM

Heather and Braden [Wedding]

I had never met Heather face to face prior to the rehearsal dinner the night before her wedding. As I observed her and Braden, it was obvious that they both have tender hearts and genuinely care for their friends and family. She was so easy-going on that May morning - the morning of their wedding. I loved that Braden was so gentle and tender with her and she likewise was smitten with him. I enjoyed getting to know Heather's family. Her father was a gracious host throughout the day - from the way he greeted all the guests to the reception where he stood by the delicious food handing the guests their plates as they came up. It was a true joy to see these young people and their families be joined together by marriage.

Colleen [of CT Photo Memories] traveled with me to Maryland to a beautiful place nestled up on hill called Milton Ridge. It was a place perfect for a wedding - charming, complete with a bridal cottage, chapel, and reception hall. Not a detail was overlooked as the wedding coordinator there, Tracy, was always looking for ways to help and make the day even sweeter. For example, she was there so early that Saturday morning making sure all the candles in the cottage were lit and a special robe was set out for Heather before she and her bridesmaids arrived. Take a look through the photos below to capture a glimpse of Heather and Braden's special wedding day as seen through my eyes.


Heading to the chapel...

There was a string quartet playing in the balcony

The reception
Some of Braden's teammates traveled to the wedding
When I took this image, I couldn't help but to think of the Bible verse in Ecclesiastes 4:12 that says; ""Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken." (NIV)"

Be sure to visit CT Photo Memories if you haven't already to see the wedding from Colleen's view. She has some really great group shots too! Click here to see Colleen's favorites.

Here is a slideshow of some of our work together...

Braden and Heather, thank you for allowing me to be a part of your wedding day. I pray that you enjoy many blessed years together. To the new friends I met, it was a pleasure meeting you and you are blessed to know these fine young people.