My eyes have led me down a path I never thought I would take. Although holding on to memories has always been important to me, I haven’t dreamed of being a photographer my whole life. I have, however, dreamed of keeping my kids small and my vacations alive. I have wished to stop time, to hold on to the moment, to bottle up my kids cute faces or the silly things they wear. To some extent, photography allows me to do just that. It has opened my eyes to a previously undiscovered world. It has allowed me to see the world around me with a deeper appreciation. I am constantly aware of the extraordinary among the ordinary and the beauty in the mundane. I don't see pictures. I see stories ... with both my eyes and my heart. I am a wordless storyteller. Thanks for joining me here.

Two Families [Family]

On a recent cold day, I was invited to spend some time indoors photographing two sisters' families...The first family was a group of old friends. I grew up with one of their older daughters and she is still one of my closest friends today. Look at her beautiful little, grown-up sister.

This is the same pose these three have been doing for many years. It was so fun to see how little Caylah was just a few years ago! John and Susan, thanks for inviting me into your home to snap some photos of your family.

On to family number 2! Let's start with two of my favorites...
Who doesn't love the sweetness of a sleeping baby? Seriously.

Or the sweetness of a two year old who can't seem to find Santa yet. 

I love that the older brother is the only one who can catch a smile out of the younger one. Brothers are friends for life!

 I hope you all have a wonderful holiday! I know it will be lots of fun with these two cuties.